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by Mary the Hobbit, Jan. 19, 2009

Point de Manne Socks

Size 36/37 (US 6-7) and 38/39 (US 7.5 - 8.5)

These socks are knitted from the toe up (that is, the opposite of the usual way), but you can certainly adapt the directions to make them using your favorite method. The pattern that is used was published in the booklet "Mon Tricot" and is called "Point de Manne".


- 2 50-gr skeins of sock yarn of type Regia 4-ply (here, Froelish)

- Sock needles (dpns) size 1 (2.5 mm)


30 sts and 42 rnds in stockinette stitch with 2.5mm needles (US size 1-1/2).


Point de Manne

Number of sts divisible by 6.

R1 and 2: Knit.

R3, 4, 5, and 6: *K1, p4, k1*

R7 and 8: Knit.

R9, 10, 11, and 12: *P2, k2, p2*


These are the standard directions for sizes 36/37 and 38/39 (US 6-7 and 7.5-8.5).

Toe: with 2.5mm dpns, cast on 8 sts using the "figure-8 cast-on". Increase as shown until there are 60 sts. Divide the work as follows: N1: first part of the top of the foot, ndls 2 and 3 for the bottom of the foot (sole), N4 for the 2nd half of the top of the foot.

Work the "point de manne" pattern on ndls 2 and 3, and work ndls 1 and 4 in stockinette stitch (i.e. knit). Knit for 18.5 - 20 cm / 7-8 in. (about 5 cm / 2 in. less than the total length of the foot), and start the heel in short rows.

NB: if possible it is easier and looks better to continue the pattern over all the sts if the last rnd that you are about to knit is R1 or R7 (knit all sts).


The heel is worked on ndls 1 and 4, leave the sts on ndls 2 and 3 on hold.

Knit all the sts on N1 except the last one; bring the yarn to the front, slip the last st. Turn. Slip this st (it gets wrapped by the yarn), purl all the sts on N1 and N4 except the last one, pass the yarn to the back, slip the last st. Turn.

Slip this st (it gets wrapped by the yarn), knit all the sts on N4 and N1 except the 2nd-to-last st, wrap it and turn the work. Continue in this way, on every row wrapping 1 more st on the side of the heel, until only 10 sts are left (there are 10 wrapped sts on each side).

Next row (RS): you are going to wrap the last st that is on the right, knit the 10 sts and the wrapped st that follows, yarn in front, wrap the last st. Turn, slip this st. Knit the 11 sts and then the next wrapped st, yarn in back to wrap the following st. Turn.

Continue in this way, each time including 1 st that has been wrapped twice, and wrapping the following st. When all the sts have been incorporated, continue working all the sts (NB: I start to knit in the round on the RS as soon as the 10th st of the short-row heel is wrapped, I don't wait to work the last row, which avoids having a big hole later on the RS).

Leg: Take up all the sts and continue working the "point de Manne" pattern on 4 ndls at the point where you left off, and continuing also over all the ndls. Work until the desired length (if possible, the last rnd should be R1 or R7).

Ribbing/Cuff: You can do the ribbing using k2/p2 as in the model, or with k1/p1. I used k2/p2 ribbing and a stretchy bind-off. For k2/p2 rib with stretchy bind-off, work *k1, p2, k1* over all the sts.

Since the stretchy bind-off is done with k1/p1 rib, the last rnd before bind-off must be done in the following way: *k1, p1, knit the next knit st (the one after the purl st), then without lifting it from the left ndl, purl the st before it, put both sts on the right ndl.* This "crosses" the sts and puts them in the correct place for the stretchy bind-off. Be careful not to pull the yarn too tightly when you work the bind-off!